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What we do for operators, technology providers, and for the multifamily industry at large


What we do for operators, technology providers, and for the multifamily industry at large

Multifamily Technology Solutions: Finding the Fit

The more you learn about technology in our industry, the more you see it’s a question of fit.

Multifamily companies are many and highly varied. What works for one may not work at all for another. Successful tech companies have their niches—the better they understand and leverage them, the better they tend to do.

Operators are usually swamped with the sheer number of new companies and products. It’s hard to keep up, which is why we started to write content that helps operators understand what’s changing in the technology environment.

We help find the fit between operators and their suppliers, whether that means helping tech companies find their markets or helping operators understand what technology is right for them.

Persuasiveness Is Getting More Important

Companies are producing more content than ever as they attempt to attract new customers. It’s easy to publish content, but it’s hard to stand out in an increasingly crowded market where the algorithms that drive digital marketing channels reward conformity rather than uniqueness. 


In early 2023 we published a new paper that explains the elements of content development. The paper presents alternative ways to think about persuasion: challenging preconceptions on why your customers buy your products and describing how suppliers often miss the mark.


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On Persuasive Content - A White Paper

What We Do for Tech Companies

It’s frustrating when the market just doesn’t get it. You spend all your time and effort building GREAT products, and you still can’t quite get the market to understand how you’re any different from the competition. 

The truth is, it’s a crowded market. We’ve never seen funding of tech companies quite like this, so it’s harder than ever to stand out. You don’t get long to make your point, so you’d better be sure that your message is on point.

We draw on years of experience marketing and selling multifamily technology with a very strong bias towards demand-generation strategies and tactics. With deep industry expertise and creative skills, we identify what will sell your product, create killer content, and develop imaginative ways to get it in front of your prospects.

What We Do for Operators

All year long, we talk to senior operators about what they’re doing concerning technology and—more importantly—what they have decided not to do.

In addition to publishing papers designed to help people understand processes, technologies and so on, we sometimes get more involved in advising companies on technology decisions.

You sometimes need an objective third party to help cut through it all. We help companies decide what they’re looking for, shortlist vendors that can do it for them, and run the RFP process that facilitates leadership teams to great technology decisions.

Content Strategy and Services

If you’re a vendor and you’re suspicious of the potential of marketing to move the needle on your revenue performance, this section is probably not for you. If you get it, read on.

You need more than just salespeople to sell your product. There’s a whole audience out there that’s desperate to make your acquaintance and learn about what you do in their own time before a sales rep shows up. That means you need campaigns, content and collateral that nails what you do and why it’s cool.

The trouble is, it’s hard to do. Marketers want to do it, but they seldom operate at a level of expertise where they can educate a senior multifamily operator about what’s different about your solution to their problem. For that, companies usually need some specialist help. And that’s what we do.