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20 for 20 White Paper

20 conversations with senior executives. The multifamily industry's leading review on the outlook for technology and operations

Tech Talk With 20for20

A new industry podcast that goes deep on the top technology issues in multifamily.

Our Podcast

Tech Talk with 20for20 is different from other industry podcasts. The content is created season-by-season, where each season tackles a specific, individual issue affecting our industry. Join your host, Dom Beveridge, as he probes some of the leading minds in PropTech to deepen our understanding of our operations and technology priorities.

Current Season Sponsors

The first season of Tech Talk With 20for20 focuses on one of the biggest tech priorities for multifamily companies in 2024 - Fraud Prevention. Season One is brought to you by our season sponsors, multifamily payments leader, Zego, and Best Egg Flexible Payments.

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