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Press & Media

Multifamily operations and technology insights, published in collaboration with industry leaders and our media partners

Rethinking Multifamily Websites

NEW WHITE PAPER: Rethinking Multifamily Websites

Multifamily tends to take a “property-centric” view of marketing and leasing, but this is increasingly out-of-step with e-commerce experiences for location-based products. This paper—prepared in collaboration with Engrain—analyzes the opportunities for improvement.

20 for 20 - 2023 Edition

White Paper: 20 for 20 – 2023 Edition

Centralization takes center stage in the 2023 edition of 20 for 20, the annual report based on 20 conversations with 20 multifamily leaders in operations and technology.

On Persuasive Content - A White Paper

White Paper: On Persuasive Content

Content marketing is changing! Open AI is one of many factors making it harder for companies to stand out. This new white paper explains how to refocus on ideas in a media environment that makes everyone the same.

OpenAI for Multifamily
Audio & Video

The Multifamily Collective: OpenAI and Multifamily

There has been a lot of excitement about the launch of ChatGPT. On this Collective Conversation with Mike Brewer, we break down potential impacts and opportunities for multifamily marketing and content creation.

Smart Community Technology

How to Plan a Smart Community Upgrade

We worked with highly-experienced property managers to create a brand-new guide to current best practice in implementing smart home technology in multifamily communities.

Paperless Payments in Multifamily

The State of Paperless Payments in Multifamily

This brand new report, researched in collaboration with multiple multifamily operators, breaks down current processes and some surprisingly big opportunities to improve customer experience while reducing workload and risk.

Audio & Video

20 for 20 on Modern Multifamily

“Modern Multifamily” is a “must-listen” for anyone interested in multifamily tech sales and marketing. Listen to Dom’s chat with host Mike Wolber about 20 for 20.

Audio & Video

20 for 20 and NMHC on stage at AIM 2022

At AIM 2022, 20 for 20 took center stage in a discussion that contrasted our 2022 findings with the insights from the NMHC/Grace Hill Renter Survey.

Audio & Video

20 for 20 on Multifamily Matters

It was great to sit down with Paul Marks on Multifamily Matters, the industry’s only dedicated radio show, to discuss the big findings from our 2022 edition.


20 for 20 – 2022 Edition

The interviews for our 2022 edition revealed the extent to which staff shortages had changed executive priorities and operations.


20 for 20 – 2021 Edition

The pandemic dominated the 2021 paper, which focused on COVID’s impact on multifamily operations and organizations.