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Press & Media

Multifamily operations and technology insights, published in collaboration with industry leaders and our media partners

Transforming CIties 20for20 Revenue Management Debate
Audio & Video

Transforming Cities: The Revenue Management Debate

It’s always great to broaden the perspective beyond the multifamily mainstream. In this LinkedIn Live debate, Dom discusses the usefulness of revenue management with an owner of a small portfolio of sub-100-unit properties in Massachusetts.

Vertical Podcast With Matt Knight
Audio & Video

Vertical with Matt Knight, on the new Edition of 20for20

Matt Knight, one of the real estate industry’s leading tech influencers, hosts Dom on his Vertical podcast to discuss the latest edition of 20for20, bringing his unique and unconventional perspective to this year’s findings.

Multifamily Dive Logo

Multifamily Dive: “How Operators Can Use big Data”

Following the January release of our white paper “How Data Transforms Multifamily Property Management,” Multifamily Dive released this article, summarizing the opportunities of business intelligence (BI) and AI.

Rethinking Multifamily Websites

White Paper: Rethinking Multifamily Websites

Multifamily tends to take a “property-centric” view of marketing and leasing, but this is increasingly out-of-step with e-commerce experiences for location-based products. This paper—prepared in collaboration with Engrain—analyzes the opportunities for improvement.